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APWU 917 Event

Union Hall Quarterly Meeting

Please join us for our quarterly membership meeting happening at the union office.


Saturday, April 27, 2024

4:00PM PDT

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  • Sat, Jan 27
    Costa Mesa
    Jan 27, 2024, 4:00 PM
    Costa Mesa, E, 151 Kalmus Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA
    Jan 27, 2024, 4:00 PM
    Costa Mesa, E, 151 Kalmus Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA
    Our quarterly meeting will be on Saturday, January 27, 2024 at the union office located at 151 Kalmus Dr STE H7 Costa Mesa, CA 92626. The meeting will occur at 4:00PM PST.




Emergency Update
April 11, 2024


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Postal service management has been introducing changes that add complexity to our daily tasks without addressing service improvements or ensuring adequate staffing.

The latest concern is the "Hazmat Question Bypass," which primarily impacts many window clerks in our local. We've witnessed several clerks walked out due to this issue. 

Please review the following points to protect yourselves!


"Bypassing the HAZMAT Question":

     Window clerks are REQUIRED TO VERBALLY ASK the HAZMAT QUESTION for each transaction handled over the counter. Currently, there is no policy, regulation, or training that explicitly states clerks MUST obtain customer responses through the Customer Display Unit (CDU) (credit/debit card reader).
     Regarding the RSS, there is a button available to bypass customer entry. However, management is emphasizing that it's
MANDATORY for the customers to answer the HAZMAT question on the Customer Display Unit. It's worth noting that the PO-209 (Retail Operations Handbook 2021) mentions the HAZMAT question and CDU primarily in the context of
the RCE (Mystery Shopper Program).

     Management CANNOT use the RCE/Mystery Shopper Program for disciplinary purposes.
     If Management conducts a Stand-Up meeting,
politely request that management provide a copy of the postal policy or formal training that mandates customers answer the HAZMAT question on the Customer Display Unit (CDU).

What if you bypass the HAZMAT question?
     Immediately note for yourself the date and approximate time of any transactions where you bypassed the HAZMAT question.
     Management will receive a report detailing who bypassed the HAZMAT question and how many times.
     If management informs you of being placed (walked out) on 16.7 (Emergency Placement), follow their instructions, clock out, and immediately contact your union representatives by filling out the "
Contact Us Form" on the union website at or by

calling 714-660-2882.

What you can do to protect yourself:
     Attempt to have the customer answer the HAZMAT question on the Customer Display Unit with EVERY transaction.
     While it's not mandatory, it's important to comply with management’s instructions regarding the HAZMAT question.
     If you experience equipment failure, notify the customer, inform a supervisor that your system is not functioning, and make a note for yourself. It is also recommended to file a
"security/poor financial practice" if management fails to address the issue and fix the equipment failure as soon as possible as this is a safety risk to BSA and terminal transactions. The form can be found at

     When processing a Zero PVI, inform the supervisor first and make a note for yourself.

Verbally asking the HAZMAT question remains MANDATORY for the safety of the mail and coworkers.

The Hazmat question is as follows:
Does your item(s) or parcel(s) contains any liquid, anything fragile, perishable, or potentially hazardous such as 'lithium batteries, perfume, mercury, or aerosols?'"  


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your steward or your local office.


Thank you for your attention and diligence in upholding safety protocols.

Yours in union solidarity, 
Your Local Union Officers, Stewards, and Representatives

Southwest Coastal Area Local 917 (APWU 917)

You can also read the full article/urgent newsletter here.

Local News

Local news delivered to you, the members

Just Announced! Pre-Convention Workshop!

The Research & Education Department will sponsor 24 Pre-Convention Workshops on Friday, July 12, 2024, prior to the start of the craft conferences and national convention, at the Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, Michigan.

All APWU members are welcome and must register online by the Monday, July 1, 2024 deadline. 


Participants are encouraged to register early, as classroom space is limited. Participants may sign up for workshops after arriving in Detroit but will have limited choices of workshops, as many will already be filled.



A list of workshops and times can be found at the link below.

Here are some highlighted workshops: 

Basic Shop Steward’s Training: 

Dealing with a Hostile Work Environment and Handling Postal “Monsters”

Fighting to Save Jobs Due to Closures and Consolidations:

Labor Law Fundamentals:

Leadership Development:


Safety and Health

The Industrial Relations Director is charged with responsibility for the health and safety of all divisions of the Union. Article 14 of the National Agreement requires management to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees covered by the agreement. To achieve this end, the contract provides for the establishment of joint safety and health committees at various levels throughout the Postal Service.



​You can use PS Form 1767 is to be used to report hazards, unsafe conditions, work practice and, in the opinion of the APWU, hostile work environments. You can use this form to report anything that you think could jeopardize your health: Dirty conditions, pests, mold, disturbed or broken building materials (tiles, insulation, etc.)

Fifth Cola Increase Announced

In accordance with the 2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, career employees represented by the APWU will receive a $0.17 per hour cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), effective March 09, 2024.​

The increase is the result of a rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) and will appear in paychecks dated March 29, 2024 (Pay Period 07-2024). The COLA for full-time employees in each step and grade will amount to $354 annually, and the hour rates for part-time employees will be adjusted accordingly.


COLA and You

Rising inflation underscores the importance of our negotiated Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs) within our union contract, made possible by the strength of our membership. COLAs are our best protection against inflation. Postal Workers are some of the few U.S. workers who receive COLA increases. Even in the postal world, we are the only postal union maintaining full COLA in our union contract.

“Once again, union-won COLAs prove how invaluable our contractual rights are to postal workers and our families,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “We will continue to fight to maintain full COLA provisions in our upcoming contract.”

Please be aware that neither the local nor national APWU has any legal or moral obligation to assist those wanting to opt-out or want to be non-members. 

The COLA adjustments for career employees during the 2021-2024 contract cummlatively totaled $5325 every year! 


Though Postal Support Employees (PSEs) do not receive cost-of-living increases, they have received several additional increases beyond the general wage increases for all employees in the APWU bargaining unit under the 2021 contract. However, when PSEs convert to career, the COLA increases are also included in their base wages going forward.

Demand An End to Short Staffing
In the USPS

The United States Postal Service is an essential part of the fabric of our community and our country. We depend on reliable postal services.

Whether it’s important business, picking up a package, or checking in with family and friends, we need a post office that is open and fully staffed with the trained, dedicated postal workers we trust with our mail and packages.

It is unacceptable to us when our post offices are unexpectedly closed, hours are shortened, and lines are long due to staffing shortages.

We call on you to make every effort to keep our post office open at convenient and reasonable hours and properly staffed to provide the “prompt, reliable, and efficient” service we deserve under the law.


Stop Supervisors From Performing
Bargaining Unit Clerk Work

Supervisors are PROHIBITED from performing bargaining unit work at post offices with 100 or more bargaining unit employees, except:

1. In An Emergency (by acts of God).
2. For the purpose of training or instructions of employees (Instructions limited to only on how to operate/perform a function and not of a direct order from a supervisor).
3. To ensure the proper operations of equipment.
4. To protect the safety of employees.
5. To protect the property of the USPS (Such as: Building and Equipment property).
Technically, although it is for the exclusive use of the USPS, it is still, essentially, the property of the people or business.


In offices with LESS THAN 100 bargaining unit employees, supervisors are PROHIBITED from performing bargaining unit work except as enumerated in Section 6.A.1 through 5 above or when the duties are included in the supervisor's position description (mail pickup and "managing the line" are considered clerk work).


Please also follow the proper grievance process.

Address Change? 

Has your address changed since first joining APWU?

There are a few ways in which a local union or state organization can update members’ addresses. 

1) Local unions and state organizations can change member’s address at the local or state level.  The President or Secretary-Treasurer may log in to the Members Only section and click on the “Change Address” tab.

2) Members can change their address themselves when accessing the Members Only section of the website.

  • Visit

  • Click the Members Only tab

  • Log In

    • Username = EIN

    • Password = last name (all lowercase) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

    • If you should need assistance in resetting your account and/or password, please e-mail

3) Mail or e-mail the member’s new address to the Per Capita Department.  Please include the following information:

  • Member’s Full Name

  • Local/State Organization

  • New Address

E-mail to or mail to American Postal Workers Union, Attn: Per Capita Department, 1300 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005.

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