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Election Candidates Finalized


After close review of the Local Constitution and By-Laws, the Committee finalizes the list of candidates.

Southwest Coastal Area Local election nominees 2023.

The Election Committee has ordered the candidates for each of the seven (7) elective offices as follows:


1. Monica Garcia-Shepard

2. Garrett Jenkins

3. Keith Ward


1. David Dodero

2. Phil Khong


1. Desirey Benavides

2. Sandra D. Crumbley

3. Will Khong

Clerk Craft Director:

1. Sandra D. Crumbley

2. Quynh-Anh Tran

Anaheim Plant Chief Steward:

1. Kevin Cole

2. Malinda Kao

3. Alicestair Noble

Santa Ana Plant Chief Steward:

1. Paolo Lopez

2. Ivan Ochoa

3. Richard Paguirigan

Westminster Chief Steward:

1. David Arambul

2. Nereida Lopez

Since the Nomination meeting on February 11, 2023, a candidate clarified that she intended to run for two non-full-time offices, and another candidate withdrew. A third candidate did not submit to the Election Committee an executed withdrawal letter.

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