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Election Results Stand - NEAC rules

SWCAL News Article 2017-03

May 01, 2017

After careful review of all documents and evidence provided, the APWU National Elections Appeal Committee (NEAC) determined that the election results of March 30, 2017 stand and the decision of the Southwest Coastal Area Local Election Committee (LEC) to rerun the election is denied as a result of the appeal to the LEC being untimely.



The APWU National Elections Appeal Committee reviewed the appeal of the April 12, 2017 decision of the SWCAL Election Committee to re-run the election of President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Clerk Division Director.

Upcoming Audit

SWCAL News Article 2017-02

May 12, 2017

A Certified Public Accountant from APWU Headquarters will audit the finances of the Area Local in the near future, possibly June of this year.  Mr. Paul Delaine is a QuickBooks Instructor and Field Consultant to the American Postal Workers Union.  APWU Headquarters approved a request from President Phil Khong for assistance from Mr. Delaine to investigate the financial accounts and records of the Area Local.

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